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Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 10:12 AM
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At ABL we feel that driving is not just about ‘passing a test’, to satisfy the Driving Standards Agency. Let’s face it, the roads are getting more congested and, although safety features in cars are more efficient, there are still lots of collisions on the UK roads. In fact, the number of reported casualties in 2010 was 208,648 and fatalities were 1,850. This is still too high, as we need to strive to get better. Would you agree?

 As a driver and a pedestrian myself, I see the dangers day to day. Some people just don’t realise the associated dangers with driving a large piece of metal at high speed – it is in essence, a deadly weapon, unless used safely.

 Now, I think we, as individuals, have a right to live in peace, harmony and happiness; and not be subjected to harm or loss by other individuals. Now, of course, accidents happen – fair enough. But we should strive to minimise these accidents if not ELIMINATE.

 At ABL we understand that you are our customers and we strive to try and make you happy by delivering catered and enthusing driving tuition to whomever wants them. Then, by a way a friendly coaching we will help the individual understand how to use the vehicle in a safe and convenient manner. As people can be unpredictable on the roads, we try to explain how to plan and assess these dangers to enable them to avoid confrontation and hazards. Life is all about planning and awareness – it’s no different with driving.

 I suppose you could look at driving as two simple steps; 1) How to use the piece of machinery (car). 2) How to plan, assess and decide while using the machinery.

 I feel that constantly critiquing your driving ability is fundamental to your development. Driving with a question in your mind of ‘am I in control of this situation and will I cause any harm to another person or animal’, are things you may want to ask yourself.

Imagine how you would feel if you hit an animal or a child? Plus, can you imagine the repercussions? I think we would all agree that this would not be a nice feeling.

 Now not everyone learns the same, or have the same thought processes. So, we can only give you our experience and knowledge, that we think, will help you to stay ‘safe’, in your driving career. We consider ourselves good at being adaptable to every individual – that’s not to say that we are perfect by any means J

 Two-way communication is very important, and we hope we make our pupils’ feel comfortable and that they can approach us and ask questions at any point, either in lessons or outside lessons.

Our role is to make you (the customer) happy and we think we have the ability to do this, based on our previous feedback. Reputation means everything to us.

Stay safe




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