ABL Driving Student Testimonials


I’ve passed :-)

I was extremely impressed with ABL. I choose them because they’re local to me and much cheaper overall than any other driving school that I could find. Alan took me from being a novice (absolutely terrified of the roads) to being confident enough to go for my test in only 25 lessons. I passed first time. Thanks very much Alan. Sally


Thanks for all your help ABL!

I found after 20 lessons and spending about £500, with a different company, that I wasn’t really any more confident than on day 1 and wasn’t anywhere near ready to take my test. On the first lesson with ABL, Alan showed that he had more confidence with my driving than my previous instructor did. He took me straight onto some of the major local roads and quickly picked up on where I needed to improve. After 10 lessons with Alan, I passed my test. I think I could have spent thousands with the other company and still be no closer to taking my test. Thanks again! Dave


ABL Driving is great

I passed 1st time with only 16 lessons. Much better than old miserable men in suits. He communicates well with young drivers so you can build a good driving relationship. Lessons were fun and interactive. Highly recommended . Thanks, Scott.


Excellent Instructor

Instilled confidence. Highly recommended. Drew.


I would highly recommend ABL.

I was really excited to start my driving lessons and booked them straight away starting on my 17th birthday. I was slightly nervous, but Alan was very friendly and took me through step by step, improving my confidence each time. A lot of friends were taking driving lessons at the same time as me, and their lessons cost a fortune, mine were a great price and Alan was always able to fit me in around my college schedule. Overall, I would highly recommend this service and I passed within a few months of my birthday! Thank you Very Much! Sam


Spot on

Well all I can say is my instructor, Alan, was spot on. He taught me very well and extremely quick. If I’m honest I’d rate ABL Driving to every one. I’d do it again any time. No shouting. We had out little chats but got on with the driving, and after 6 lessons I passed my test 1st time with only 2 minors (very proud of myself there). But all thanks to Alan, cheers pal! Liam