Hi, I am Alan, the founder of ABL Driving. I  was an Approved Driving Instructor since 2006-2014 and have aided many individuals to attain their goal’s of becoming safe, responsible drivers, on the ever busy roads in the UK. 

Upon passing my driving test in 2000, I seemed to have a great ability to assess situations and act accordingly on the roads. People would always compliment me on my driving awareness and that they always ‘felt safe’, when in the car with me. I decided to become a Firefighter, shortly after passing my test, to put these skills into practice.. After a few years, I became an Emergency Fire Appliance Driver within the Fire Service as an extra responsibility. After seeing many horrific accidents on the road, I decided that I could perhaps make a difference, by imparting my knowledge and skills to individuals that wanted to be safe and effective drivers on the roads. This is why I became an instructor and shortly after that I started ABL Driving.

This led to me to find the very best qualified instructors from around Birmingham to help deliver this message in a friendly, safe, cost-effective and interactive environment. Our approach is to help develop the individuals driving responsibility and to coach, rather than to instruct, especially in the latter stages; We learn by ‘Doing’, rather than being told what to do. I am a strong advocate of the pupils being coached on how to assess difficult situations on the road and act on their decision in a safe and confident manner. 

 I wish you every success in your driving career. Keep safe. All the best Alan :)